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Roulette is a entertaining game but if you want to win more often, and to be sure that you are taking advantage of all the opportunities for winning then you need to understand the top strategies for cashing in at Roulette and practice them.

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Roulette is one of, if not, the most popular casino game that ever exists. It is found in any casino on the planet and can also be found in every single online casino. Most people will be able to play Roulette with little to no prior knowledge of gambling but for those of you who are unsure I have put together this article for you.

Roulette Rules

Roulette is possibly the easiest game to gamble on besides slots in the world. This is due to its inherently simple nature of picking a number and hoping it lands.

There are two versions of roulette:

  • American Roulette: Contains numbers 1-36, 0 and the extra double 0 (00).
  • European Roulette: Contains numbers 1-36 & a 0.

Both wheels have the same payout rate which is 36/1 but the European wheel is more in your favour because it only has 37 numbers on the wheel, whereas the American wheel has 38 numbers so pays out at 37/1. (The house has a bigger advantage).

Winning Bets

In roulette, there are actual 18 winning bets that you can place on each table. The most common ones are Red/Black, number, Column betting, Row Betting, or odd/even betting. You can also bet on neighbors betting which is when you place a bet on a number and the two numbers on either side of it on the wheel. Red/Black pays out at evens but if the ball lands in the zero then you receive half of your stake back. Numbers pay out at 36/1 straight up or 18/1 if placed in between 2 numbers (split). Row betting and Column betting both pay out at 2/1 since you are covering a third of the wheel. Odd/Even betting also pays out at evens like betting on the colors and you also receive half of your stake back if it lands on zero.

So what are you waiting for?

Since you are now a roulette wizard, why don’t you head on over to one of the amazing casinos we have to offer and try your luck? Here at OnlineCasinoPlayers we always recommend betting within your limits and never more, so set yourself a limit for the time whilst you are playing and enjoy yourself to the fullest! Good luck and let’s beat the casinos!

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