What is a VIP Casino?

A VIP Casino is a casino which often offers a loyalty & rewards programme for it’s high roller players. This can often include large cashback, gifts & 24/7 around the clock customer service. More and more casinos are adding these programmes to their casinos but only a select few should be worth your time.

How do you become a VIP at a casino?

Different Casinos have varied levels of entry to become established as a VIP player with them. However, it is usually based on either your deposit to withdraw ratio or on a points scheme. For your best chance to become a VIP at a particular casino is to stick to one or a small number of casinos for all of your gambling needs. As the more you deposit and the more your frequent an online casino the higher chance they will recognise you as a VIP player.

How much do you have to spend to become a VIP player?

Following on from the last question this too varies from casino to casino. Some casinos have a smaller benchmark as to what they regard a VIP but this could be concerning. If a casino only requires you to spend $500 to become a VIP it is because they do not have many long lasting players which tells us they have an issue of keeping players. So when you are looking to become a VIP make sure you ask the casinos support staff about their programmes.

What will i get being a VIP?​

It is not uncommon for VIP programmes from casinos to reward you with free money, the latest gadgets and much more. For example if you a big sports better they may even send you to a few of your favourite teams games! You have to remember that a casinos job is to keep you happy and if you are playing with them often they will keep you very very happy.

What is a VIP casino manager?

It is normal for to you to be allocated a VIP casino manager to be in regular contact and available 24 hours a day. Furthermore, the VIP manager would have a contact to you by WhatsApp, WeChat and even Facebook. Calling you on your birthday, just to wish you a happy birthday, sending you gifts for your wife’s birthday or even sending toys for your children is very common.

Are VIP & high roller slots worth it?​

High roller slots and higher limit slots usually have a higher RTP (Return to Player). This means that your chances of winning are higher than on regular slots. In contrast this does mean you will have to be spending more per spin than on a regular game so pick your games wisely as a VIP!

Is there a limit to what you can win as a VIP?​

The amount you can withdraw/cashout can vary depending on the casino. Some have unlimited amounts you can win, where other smaller casinos, could have daily/weekly/monthly limits. Be careful that the casino you have picked will be able to pay you! In summary, if the casino struggles to pay you on time when you win, it might be a good time to move up to a better casino.

VIP CashBack

Getting money back on your losses & even your wins is a possibility once you are in a VIP program! So make sure you are asking for as much as cash-back as possible, if you don’t ask you won’t get! In a typical VIP cash-back scheme you can expect anywhere between 5 and 50% of all your losses back as free cash!!

Use your VIP status

If you are a VIP with another casino, use your status, screenshots to start straight away as a VIP. You will have to prove to your new casinos that you were a VIP at a previous site. Once you have done this they should place you straight on their VIP list instantly.

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