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Online casinos are either regulated or not, and have a varying amount of standards between them. Always look at the bottom of the page on an online casino, here it should tell you what licence they have.

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Online casinos are everywhere now and they have been around since 1994 when Microgaming changed the world by getting us hooked online. Whenever your mum got off the telephone you were free to plug in your modem in to the telephone socket and dialled your local ISP at a snail pace of 14,400 baud if you were lucky !!! On your IBM machine running Windows 95 or 3.1. Perhaps you are one of the millions who have lost a few pay checks over the years or your one of the lucky ones reading this from your super yacht off of cost of the Bahamas as there has been so many people winning millions! Either way you have them to thank or most probably not,.

Are Online Casinos Regulated ?

Online casinos are either regulated or not, and have a varying amount of standards between them. For instance a casino which is regulated in the United Kingdom or New Jersey will obviously have stricter standards and policies than an online casino with a questionable Costa Rica licence. However, they all exist and some just don’t even go to the hassle of having a licence at all. Always look at the bottom of the page on an online casino, here it should tell you what licence they have. If you can’t find one, chances are it does not have one.

Check out if you can bet in China or other markets here.

Is it safe playing Online Casinos ? 

Yes and no, set your own limits, so you don’t spend your rent money, it does happen. People do get carried away, if it gets too much there are sites where you can exclude yourself in bulk. But beware, getting off this self excluded list is very hard, so keep this as a last resort. To note, not all casinos follow these requests from companies like GamStop.

Are Online Casinos fun ?

Red Casino Dice

Online Casinos include a variety of options to keep you entertained for hours, some amazing gamification that will have you hooked and coming back for more and more. With products like Slots & Live Tables, Bingo, Lottery to Sportsbook! Where you can not just bet on your favourite football team to win at the weekend but when the first goal will be, how many corners, how many players will be sent off, and other sporting events including Horse racing, Badminton, Fencing, Ping Pong, Golf, Boxing to name a few, and sometimes non sporting events, like will Seagulls take over the world, or KFC having another chicken shortage were offered by Paddy Power.

There are thousands of brands offering Online Casino products with household names like MGM, BET365, Caeasars but all might not be accessible in your country. As there might be local governance on if you are allowed to gamble online and countries have their own opinion what you can and can’t do online. There is the solution of using a VPN to mask the country you are in, this can work but beware that some online casinos don’t like this and it might effect you when it comes to cashing out. Following on, it can also have an effect on game play, keeping in mind you might still not be able to play all the games due to country restrictions and game licences.

There are lots of options of which casino to play with and we hope that with the advice here at and in our very extensive Facebook group that help and guidance is there if needed. We hope that you have lots of fun and most of all win a hell of a load of money, but wary and check the terms and conditions of the site you are wanting to play. As there can be unfair conditions placed on you including how much you can withdraw in one day, some casinos are unlimited but some have very low amounts. 

What is a Welcome Bonus ?

Welcome bonuses and no deposit offers are a great way to learn Online Casinos and find your way around, but always check the terms and conditions. This is because some casinos severely limit what you can win with this free money that the casino is offering, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Casino Experience

If your experience is good or bad, then you can leave a review for other members of the public on sites like The Pogg, Ask Gamblers & Casino Guru. Just be careful who you take your advice from as most review sites earn their bread and butter from these casinos!

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