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The most common strategy used by today’s casino players is to cover large spreads of roulette boards so you will win more often but much less monetary amounts.

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How to beat the casinos (or at least break even)

Ah yes the question that we have all once asked ourselves, How to beat the casinos? A question that any gambler has pondered upon at some time in their life. For some the answer will simply be ‘you cannot beat them’ others have a more optimistic approach (like us here at OnlineCasinoPlayers). Although beating may not be the optimal term but we sure do believe that with the correct strategies you can at least take some sweet winnings from online casinos.

Strategies used to win at online casinos

There has been many strategies used over the years for experienced gamblers to beat land based casinos (go watch the movie Rain man and get back to us). But unless you are like Ray Babitt then Card counting may be off the table. Furthermore unlike land based casinos you cannot hover around the slots until somebody leaves to try to cash in on their failure! However, most online players tend to use bonuses to their advantage to give them some extra playing cash meaning longer times on slots which should entail more free spins/bonus rounds. Furthermore other players like to use exchanges to take advantage of bigger odds on sporting events like soccer & football. The most common strategy used by today’s casino players is to cover large spreads of roulette boards so you will win more often but much less monetary amounts. Many poker players have since been winning more online as they can use their real life poker experience and transfer it to games where they may come up against lesser skilled opponents. How to beat the casinos?

How online casinos combat cheaters

Casinos can do nothing about players with high intellect winning in their casinos but they can make your life harder. With extensive KYC checks and limits on your account they can make your life difficult if your prove to be experienced. Also due to the ever changing nature of cheaters tactics many casinos employ ex cheaters to spot those who are trying to pull the wool over their eyes. So if you ever think you are the first to think of a way to win at a casino, i’m sorry to say you are certainly not the first. Furthermore, In today’s day due to the competitive nature of online casinos if you stay loyal to one and play fairly you will be rewarded for that. 

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Can online casinos ban me for winning too much?

A great question along with how to beat the casinos? Online Casinos in theory cannot ban you for winning too much but if suspicious betting patterns arrive they will look into it. This is a much higher problem on sportsbook than it is on Casino. In sports there can be fixed events, matched betting or even arbitrage betting whereas casinos is much simpler.

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If you were to win a 1 million dollar jackpot you would be congratulated as this is a rare occasion. Although if you were to win a thousand dollars every day at the same time on the same game then you would start to raise suspicion with the online casino you are doing your gambling with. Finally, Long story short if you are a legitimate player with a lucky streak then no, casinos will not ban you for that.

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