Do I need to pay tax on my casino winnings?

Do I need to pay tax on my casino winnings?

To know if you have to pay tax on your casino winnings It would be down to your country of tax residency if you have to pay taxes on your winnings, in Canada for instance. You are not expected to pay income tax as these are regarded as prizes and not a viable source of income that is subject to be taxed.



However you can be classed as having professional income by some governments. i.e. if you are a professional poker player, there could be withholding taxes to pay, in the USA there is a 30% withholding tax but can be offset with your losses. 


Our advice is to check with your local government on your individual tax status, answering the question Do I need to pay tax on my casino winnings?

Do I have to declare my winnings ?

This will vary depending country. i.e. in the UK betting duty was abolished in 2001 in the USA they must be declared. In USA they are fully taxable so it is wise to know the rules of the country you are domiciled and also tax resident in.

Does the government know?

If it isn’t happening yet, it sure will be in the future, here the UK gambling minister calls for industry data sharing solution.


In most countries banks have to legally share your information with government agencies and even cross border, with your your income and spending, so be aware when you are filing your tax return.

Casino Withholding Tax

A short list of known countries where you are not taxed on your winnings include;

UK, Sweden, Romania, Malta, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg & Canada and many more,

Can i place my bet offshore?

Placing your bets offshore is a common practice with online casino players, for a variety of reasons. Some players want to keep their winnings secret, and in some countries. It is not possible to place bets at your favourite casino, or even at all. Using a VPN is a good way of accessing an online casino when you face local restriction.


We hope that reading Online Casino Players have answered some of your questions today in relation to. DO I need to pay tax on my casino Winnings? And also Can I place my bet offshore?

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