Can I bet in China?

Technically yes, you will need a VPN and you will need to do a bit more work than someone in Europe would. This is because the government will block access to any URL that does not fall within their laws or views. A gambling URL would be in breach of the governments strict laws or views, but it is still possible, you are just going to have to do a little more work. Remember, this is is a country where you are not allowed to access Facebook or Youtube!

Is it Illegal to gamble in China?

Gambling in China is the number one pastime, although it seems that most of the population in China are gambling on just about anything. Meanwhile, the government is very strict about their laws and being caught can result in large fines and even jailtime. Funnily enough, it is normal for Chinese punters to travel to Hainan, Hong Kong or the Chinese Las Vegas Macau to fulfil their gambling addiction.

Can you use Bet365 in China?

Simple answer is yes ! However the government has banned the URL and they use mirror sites for Chinese to access after all there is some 1.6billion of them, the largest gambling market in the world, using a mirror site can bypass restrictions, intact Bet365 head office in Stoke is full of Chinese customer support agents, who are more than willing to pass the latest mirror url on to the customers in China.

News reports on Bet365 allowing gambling in china have featured on many tabloids including the Guardian.
Chinese citizens in the past have been detained for accessing website, we would urge caution, if you are in China and wanting to gamble online.

THE GUARDIAN We are not breaking China’s laws, says Bet365 

What is the best way to bet online in China ?

What sites can I use to place a bet if I’m in China and Can I bet from China ?

Not just Bet365 but UniBet, 888Sport and unlicensed casinos will offer services to Chinese punters but you will have to use a VPN to access these sites and perhaps do more work to find the correct mirror site.

Are there lotteries in China?

The state run their own state wide lotteries, and you pay tax on your winnings at 20%

China Gambling Authority

There is no gambling authority in China, here is the latest news from the government on Gambling and the chat on the street is China want to get a piece of this pie, and there is talk that they will legalise sports betting within the next 10 years. 

There are a lot of complaints going around, but is this is to be expected of a market leader in Sportsbook and Casino
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